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The Flackl Experience

An experimental, short documentary. About fine arts, perception and context.


"The Flackl Experience" is an experimental documentary covering the exhibited artworks in and around the "Hotel Flackl", a hotel, restaurant and place of an unique exhibition, located in "Reichenau an der Rax" (Austria). The innkeeper, Alfred Flackl, collected up to 1000 paintings and sculptures. His ex-wife, Christl Flackl, takes care of the presentation of the diverse collection. Alfred’s former brother-in-law, Wolfgang Männer, is one of the exhibited artists. He gives the viewer a tour through the art-maze.

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Update 2020-03-26

Since the film would have been shown these days a the CoViD19iagonale '20 (which for obvious reasons was called off) I am showing my film for free on this site or via filmfreeway until Sunday 29th of March.

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Fine Arts outside the filter bubble...

Background Info

"The Flackl Experience" is an experimental short documentary about exhibiting pictures, collecting, presenting and the people behind it. It is the first part of an ongoing series about fine arts in places where you would not expect them.

The film was created as part of my diploma thesis in the field of "Painting and Animated Film" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Instead of painting pictures myself, I proceeded to capture images of exhibitions and art installations that fascinate me but — often — do not have a place in the filter bubble of art universities.

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Film Facts

Length:11:46 min
Year: 2019
Category: Documentary, Experimental, Short
Concept & Director: Thomas Zuber
DOP: Thomas Zuber
Production, Editing: Thomas Zuber, Julia Schwanzer
Cast: Alfred Flackl, Christl Flackl, Wolfgang Männer, Ursula Hörl, Eva Gruber, "Andi"
Location: Gasthof Flackl
Mentoring & Support: Judith Eisler, Praved Krishnapilla, Nikolaus Jantsch

About me

Thomas Zuber lives and works. Mostly in Vienna.
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Mail: thomaszuber (ät) zuzmeister (dot) net

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My Diploma Thesis & more

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The Thesis, Jan. 2019

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Diploma Brochure

Klasse für Malerei und Animationsfilm
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

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Premiere & Contact

Public Presentation of the Diploma:
21. January 2019 ~4:30 p.m.

23. - 27. January 2019, 4-7 p.m.

Universität für angewandte Kunst
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
Ferstel-Trakt (Altbau), 2. Stock (Austria)